Friday, September 15, 2017

Doin' the Happy Dance

I am so happy to let you know that Barefoot Badger Publishing is going to release my Debut Novel -
CORA'S PROMISE, book one of the TEXAS STRONG Series.

Still in the editing process, but we are hoping for a release date before December 2017. Please check back often to see the exact release date when I can post it.

Following Cora's Promise, is book two, Claree's Plan, and then book three, Camille's Purpose.

This series tells the stories of three young women, who by individual circumstances are transplanted to Texas in the 1800's. Each has to find the strength to endure the consequences of her choice. She must be Texas Strong. 

I hope you will enjoy reading Cora's Promise, a story of loss and love with a feel good ending. I appreciate your support of my writing career. When Cora's Promise is released it will be available on Amazon and other online book sellers.

I sincerely hope your life is joyous.
Bright Blessings,
Sunny Marie

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fire on the hill

Because I live in California, we are used to having forest fires in the summer, but it puts me a bit uneasy when I can see the flames, and the smoke is so thick it burns your eyes. However, that is what my family and neighbors have endured the past week.

The Railroad Fire in about 6 miles from where I live. Luckily, it is burning in a north-easterly direction; away from my location.  This morning we learned that the fire has breached an area called Nelder Grove, a location where Giant Sequoia trees grow. Our wonderful fire fighters are doing all they can to save these trees...and I hope they succeed.

We have also witnessed this week the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey. I have family in Texas and near Houston, but they are all safe.  I pray for those who had to evacuate their homes, and now have nothing to return to...who have lost everything. I know you, my blog readers, will join with me in sending Love and Light to all who are in the wake of these horrendous acts of nature.

Let's all do what we can to help one another, and if you have a means to support someone who has gone through a tragic circumstance in their so in whatever way you can.  Love one another...we are all connected.

I hope your day will be blessed.
Sunny Marie

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sisters In Crime...

Good Morning, All.

I'm so enjoying the few days of cooler weather here in the mountains. I opened the door and windows this morning to allow the fresh air into the house. It was lovely.

Last Saturday found me at the San Joaquin Sisters In Crime meeting. It's an hour drive for me to attend meetings, but I don't mine when local Attorney, Tony Capozzi is the speaker.

Of course I see Mr. Capozzi all the time on TV as he is approached often to give his expert advice concerning a local event in the Fresno area. However, seeing him in person was a treat. He is a great guy; married to his lovely wife for 40 years.

I thought it was wonderful that he spoke candidly about law enforcement, and how in a split second they must assess a situation and enact a response. 
Because of this, they do make mistakes. For the most part, from Mr. Capozzi's experience, 90% of police officers are dedicated to protection the people in their community.  I would have to agree with his evaluation. We hear about cops reacting to a situation with brute force, or unnecessary force. However, it would be my guess, that if all the right-actions of the police were exposed to the public, those acts would far outweigh the "bad cop" incidents we hear about on the news.

 He talked also about judges and that some are not so pleasant to work with, from an attorney perspective. Power sometimes goes to the sitting judge's head and they make the courtroom difficult for the attorney. The  judge wants the attorney to know who has the control.  I guess that goes to show you, we are all human...some more so than others.

So...I hope you all will have a blessed day, with no encounters that might give you pause to stress out. Take a deep breath, go outside and view the beautiful creations of nature that are around, and know you are loved.

Bright Blessing,
Sunny Marie

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mountain gift.....

It's so nice living in the mountains...why? Because during these hot summer 3 digit days, us mountain folks can actually open our windows and doors in the mornings. The cool morning hours allow us to not only enjoy the gentle breezes, but also have the fresh air circulate though out the house. Of course I'll admit it's a few precious hours that this is possible. By 9 am doors and windows are closed, and the air conditioner turned on.

The elevation at which I live is 3300 feet, so when it is 108 in the valley, we here in the Southern Sierras will see our temps rise to near 100 degrees. We aren't exempt from the summer heat, but we are blessed to have our night time temps so much cooler than at lower elevations. This is why we can open windows and doors for a while early in the mornings and experience the cooling effects of nature.

Wherever you live, I hope you will have a day that is a comfortable temperature and you can enjoy a bit of bliss.

Have a day filled with bright blessings.
Sunny Marie

Monday, July 17, 2017

Home after Caifornia Dreamin' Conference

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting pictures from the California Dreamin' Conference, as promised. My sweet husband had a major health issue, but he is back to good now.

I had a wonderful time at the Conference. Workshops were great, and I learned much about the current publishing trend. I met some lovely people too. One of them is Lotchie Burton, an author of Erotica Fiction. You will see her standing with me in some of the pictures that follow.

This is me getting ready to go to a workshop.

The view of the atrium from my 7th floor room.

 My new friend Lotchie and me.
Conference Dinner with Keynote Speaker Robin Carr.

One of many workshops.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On my way...

I leave in 3 days heading to southern California for the California Dreamin' Writers Conference. It's the second time I've attended this conference and I love it. Lots of great workshops and tons of new information on the industry standards. Friendly and encouraging people from other parts of the state and beyond who are always happy to sit and chat. Two and a half days of amazing.

This conference is held every other year, so if you're a writer and haven't ever gone to California Dreamin' I would suggest you put it on your calendar for March 2019.

Not only do you have the chance to attend informative workshops every hour all day, but you'll enjoy great keynote speakers at luncheons and dinners with wonderful food, included in your conference fee. Also, the Embassy Suites Hotel where the conference is held in Brea, California provides a fabulous breakfast buffet for attendees.

One thing the conference offers is the opportunity to pitch your novel to an editor. I will be pitching, Love's Lingering Refrain, a paranormal romance (no werewolves or vampires, and neither of my main characters are other-worldly). I won't know to which publishing company editor I'll be presenting until I arrive and pick up my conference packet. When you register to pitch, you pick your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of editors that are receiving pitches. When you check in at the conference and receive your conference packet, your pitch appointment is given to you at that time.

I'll have some pictures to post when I return, and I'll share with you my awesome adventure when I get back home. Until then....

Love and Light, Peace and Joy
Sunny Marie

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I knew my husband was strange....

Well, I've always said my husband was one in a million, but until recently I didn't know how true that statement really was. A few weeks ago, due to a fluke spike in my husband's blood pressure (never has had any blood pressure issues), we found out that his body makes way more blood than it needs.

I share this with you as I found it not only scary as heck, but also most interesting. You'd think your body would know how much blood (hemoglobin) it required to function properly, and that's the amount it would make...wrong. At least for some people, there can be factors going on that cause the body to produce too much blood. It's a condition called polycythemia, and there is polycythemia primary and polycythemia secondary. The primary version is caused by a muted gene and the secondary (what my husband has) can be caused by several factors...a malfunction of the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs or bone marrow cancer. We are lucky that it appears from all the test results that hubby has one kidney that is not working up to par, and this is the culprit for his polycythemia.

So, what do you do about this? The simple fix is to take out blood. For the past 6 weeks my husband has gone into the outpatient infusion center at our hospital twice a week and had nearly a quart of blood removed (phlebotomy). You'd think that would make a person feel pretty weak, but hubby says he feels great. Probably because his body is now not being over taxed with trying to do something with all the extra blood it didn't need.

Anyway, the treatment for this condition is to just keep taking out the extra blood. And as time goes on, this process will need to be done less frequently. This week hubby was told he only needs to go in once a week now. The hope is to at some point to be able to space these "blood letting" sessions out to once every 3 months or even every 6 months. That's a long time down the road, but at least he is on the way.

So, a word to the wise, if you have some sort of episode with your blood pressure, or any other bodily function that is out of the norm, have it checked out right away. Had we not taken the immediate action we did when my husband's blood pressure spiked (causing his vision to blur), he would have suffered a heart attack within days...or even minutes. So pay attention when your body speaks to you, it could be the warning that saves your life.

We have sunshine in the mountains today. I hope you have a bright and wonderful day wherever you are.
Love and Light, Peace and Joy,
Sunny Marie