Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waiting for the Mood to be Right?

If you're waiting for the "right mood" before you sit down to write...this is a mistake.  Why?

While writing is an emotional art form, it is also a business.  Too many people, when they are first starting out, think it's all about working when the mood is right.  They might be waiting a very long time. Most writers I've talked to say that what they write when the mood is right is pretty much the same as what they write when the mood isn't.  While a large part of a writer's work consists of thinking, a writer isn't paid for those thoughts. A writer is paid for the words that are written.

Another mistake...too many beginning writers try to be artists before they master the craft of writing. While in every generation there are some natural-born geniuses who can make that leap, the vast majority of us have to toil away at learning the craft.

There are very few professions in which someone would expect to walk in and be accepted at the highest levels right from the start. Yet, for some reason, people think writing is a profession in which amateurs can enter right at the top level.  This is a mistake.  So, what should you do?

Learn the craft of writing. First and foremost, learn it by writing a lot. There is no substitute for actually doing something in order to learn it.  Then get feedback from those who know more about the craft than you do, either through a network of friends, a writer's group, a writing retreat, a writing conference, a mentor, whatever you can find. An MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in creative writing is another possibility, although usually the focus in those programs is more on literary writing.
                                                                                                     Taken from: 70 Solutions To Writing Mistakes

Well, friends, it is my sad news to let you know I did not make the 50K word goal for NaNoWriMo this year.  Due a 10 day or so illness, I fell so far behind I just couldn't catch up.  But, there's always next year.
Congrats to everyone who participated in NaNo and made their goals.  Yeah!

Keep Writing, Ya'all,
Sunny Marie

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