Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a New Year!

2011 is behind us and we're off to a new year...2012.

I didn't do any blogging during the holidays.  Unusual for us, we had lots of company, so our days were busy with the grown children, their spouses and the grand kids.  It was sure a lot of fun, but we're grateful for our quiet to be restored.

I hope you've taken time, or will soon, to set goals for yourself regarding your writing for the coming months.  Personally, I have renewed my commitment to write "seriously" in 2012.  I have determined this is my job and I need to show up for work each day.

I've begun work on a new novel, called Finding Romance and my goal is to have it ready for submission by the end of the year...that may be a little over zealous, but you have to aim for some point of completion.  Meantime, I'm finishing up a novel I began last year entitled, Like There's No Tomorrow and I am striving to have it in the final draft by June this year and start marketing it in July.

I've become a member of a new critique group of "serious" romance writers.  We are called: W.R.O.T.E. (Writing Romance Over The Edge).  There are four of us and I'm sure we'll encourage one another to push toward the goals we've individually set.

If you haven't thought about your goals for 2012, please take some time now to do just that.  If you don't have a target to aim for, you'll find yourself far less motivated to finish the work.

I hope you all will have a joyous and prosperous 2012 and your publishing dreams will come true.

Keep Writing Ya'all,
Sunny Marie