Monday, August 20, 2012

Been a long time....but I'm back

Sorry to have been away for so excuses, only that I have had my hands to the keyboard working night and day to complete my novel, Like There's No Tomorrow....and it's done!  Never was I so happy to type the words "The End."

The completed draft will be going to an executive type friend of mine who's up on all the grammar rules to read...just to be sure I haven't missed anything.  When she has finished, I will make any corrections she thinks needed, and then I'll be ready to market the novel.  Toes and fingers crossed that I will have this book under contract soon.

As an added note I wanted to share with you that I won Second Place in the Yosemite Romance Writer's Smooch Contest this year.  Of course everyone is hoping to take the top honor, but honestly I was pretty happy to concede that spot to a male who writes Sci-Fi.  In the contest entry we had to write a scene showing the first kiss.  If you are interested in seeing what my entry contained go to my website: and check out the excerpt for Finding Romance.

All right I promise not to stay away so long anymore, however, I will be traveling for 3 weeks beginning August 31.  Hope to be back home by Sept. 22nd.  If I can pick up an Internet signal at my destination, I'll blog a few words from there. 

Until next time, my friends....Keep Writing,
Sunny Marie

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