Thursday, March 26, 2015

Packed and on my way...

My suitcase is packed in preparation for leaving tomorrow AM heading for the California Dreamin' Writers Conference.  I am excited to say the least. I've been practicing my pitch, ready to present it to whichever editor I'm scheduled to meet with on Saturday.  I'll let you all know how that goes.

Another thing I'm really excited about, well, a couple of things. A woman who took my Writing For Women's World Workshop a year ago, just sold her first story to Woman's World. It came out in this week's WW magazine. And, one of my writing students, whose manuscript I edited for her, just sold it to The Wild Rose Press.  I am thrilled...this makes 3 of my "babies" who have fulfilled their dream. Another student got published last year.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Doin' the Happy Dance

March 11, 2015
Well, I have a couple of things to do the Happy Dance about today. First, I am attending the California Dreamin' Writers Conference the end of this month. I have scheduled an appointment with an editor to pitch one of my completed books. Won't know until I arrive which of the 3 choices of editors I got, but I'll be happy with any of the three. I will have actually two pitches ready to give. One for my novel STONE OAK, a Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense, and CORA, a Western Themed Historical Romance with just a touch of paranormal.  I, of course am hoping to be able to pitch both books. I'm allowed 8 minutes, but I'm a pretty fast talker, so we'll see how it goes.

I have complete the final edit of CORA, going to let it set for a couple weeks and then give it a final read through. It's actually in the hands of my Beta Reader now. STONE OAK, is a book I wrote some years back. I have updated it, but no final editing done as yet. So, if an editor at the conference does ask me to send that manuscript to them, I'll be burning the midnight oil to get all revisions completed and have it in final draft within 30 days time. I can do it...yes, I'm sure I can.

The second thing I'm Happy Dancing about is this: One of my writing students, Sandra McCart, just got a contract offer yesterday for one of her Regency novels.  Needless to say she is on cloud nine. Wild Rose Press expressed interest but felt the manuscript had problems beyond the time they could devote to it. Sandra asked me if I would content edit it for her, and I did.  There were some major flaws. Sandra had written this story long before she joined my group and she learned a lot since then, but just wasn't able to figure out what she needed to do to clean the manuscript up. I was glad I could help her with that. I offered suggestion, but she put in the hard work to make the changes. I tell you this so you will know, never give up on a story you love. Sandra didn't and her hard work paid off, because she is now under contract with Wild Rose Press.  Way to go, girl!

Okay, until we meet again...and I hope it's not at this hour of the morning 4 am (I can't sleep), keep reading great books, or writing them.
Sunny Marie