Sunday, April 26, 2015

Good News

     Thought you might want to hear what happen at the California Dreamin' Conference.  My scheduled pitch session was with Jill Limber of Boroughs Publishing. When I met up with her on Saturday to pitch Stone Oak, also at the table was the CEO and President of Boroughs, Michelle Klayman. Did that make me more than nervous...oh, yeah!
     Well, what did I have to lose, I told myself. So, I took a deep breath and presented my pitch...and they liked it.
     I was told to polish my manuscript and then they would be interested in seeing it .Needless to say, I am feverishly working my way chapter by chapter to get Stone Oak in the best shape I can. 
        I intend to do more research regarding Boroughs Publishing. While they are interested in my novel, it is important that I feel they are a good fit for my story and for me. That is part of the author's job. Then I'll submit to the publisher I feel is the most compatible with my style of writing.

     At least I can see the door to publication. Will it swing open wide? Only time will tell.
     I'll keep you posted.

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