Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's such a lovely day...

As the words of an old 70s song goes: "It's such a lovely day today, look at the sunshine..."  Oh, joy, there is sun today after so many days of constant rain. Sometimes the rain will jolt my creative juices, but with it continuing for two weeks, it just became a bit depressing.

I hope you have a lovely day where you are, and that you're planning to do something fun.  I'm not sure what I'll do yet, maybe just sit and enjoy the rays of light coming in through my window.  The puppies, Hessee and Fannee, certainly like that they can run in and out of the doggie door at will today. They've had a bit of cabin fever, and because of this, have required so much more love and attention.  Bless them.  Nothing like having two over weight dogs on your lap for hours on end...gotta love 'em.

If you are anywhere near Yosemite National Park, make sure to buzz in now that the gates are opened again. The falls are massive, breath taking, so beautiful. Pack a picnic lunch and go exploring, or take one of the buses and ride from point to point, seeing whatever strikes your fancy. Buy a tee shirt that says, "I WAS HERE" and enjoy a peaceful day in the park...if you can make it happen.

I wish you all, Peace and Joy, Love and Light,
Sunny Marie

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