Monday, January 30, 2017

Still snow in my yard...

The rain finally turned to snow...8 inches of snow. It was so lovely when I awoke to find it covering the yard and drive on that first morning. The "silence" of winter is something special. As the sun rose and the rays of light glistened across the pristine white it began to shimmer and come to life.

Of course it wasn't long before footprints and tire tracks assaulted the beauty that the snow had once been. Life must go on. I wanted to get outside and build a snowman, but the temp was much colder than my body felt comfortable spending time in, so I allowed the "thought" of a snowman to permeate in my mind.  He was a handsome dude. Perhaps I'll use him in a book I write in the future.

I hope wherever you are, that your weather, no matter what it may be, will bring you some measure of joy.

Love and Light, Peace and Joy
Sunny Marie

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