Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sisters In Crime...

Good Morning, All.

I'm so enjoying the few days of cooler weather here in the mountains. I opened the door and windows this morning to allow the fresh air into the house. It was lovely.

Last Saturday found me at the San Joaquin Sisters In Crime meeting. It's an hour drive for me to attend meetings, but I don't mine when local Attorney, Tony Capozzi is the speaker.

Of course I see Mr. Capozzi all the time on TV as he is approached often to give his expert advice concerning a local event in the Fresno area. However, seeing him in person was a treat. He is a great guy; married to his lovely wife for 40 years.

I thought it was wonderful that he spoke candidly about law enforcement, and how in a split second they must assess a situation and enact a response. 
Because of this, they do make mistakes. For the most part, from Mr. Capozzi's experience, 90% of police officers are dedicated to protection the people in their community.  I would have to agree with his evaluation. We hear about cops reacting to a situation with brute force, or unnecessary force. However, it would be my guess, that if all the right-actions of the police were exposed to the public, those acts would far outweigh the "bad cop" incidents we hear about on the news.

 He talked also about judges and that some are not so pleasant to work with, from an attorney perspective. Power sometimes goes to the sitting judge's head and they make the courtroom difficult for the attorney. The  judge wants the attorney to know who has the control.  I guess that goes to show you, we are all human...some more so than others.

So...I hope you all will have a blessed day, with no encounters that might give you pause to stress out. Take a deep breath, go outside and view the beautiful creations of nature that are around, and know you are loved.

Bright Blessing,
Sunny Marie